Yellow Pad Sessions

Yellow Pad Sessions is a nonprofit arts and culture organization that promotes artists and hosts events intended to create a forum for social discourse and reflection. We also provide professional mentoring and guidance to young professionals.

We are a young & creative non-profit organization

October's Artist of the Month

Dana Edmonds,


Why does the phrase

"art for social change"

speak to you and your work?

    "We all need to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions when it comes to climate justice. We need more transparen-cy, education and truth, not quick sound bites and little consideration to the importance of society as a whole to take action and make sustainable changes. Psychological distance with regards to overcon-sumption and its effects on mental health issues could be the key to understanding the disconnect."

Dana Edmonds uses oil paint to explore different forms of urban waste and to study the relationship between overuse and its effects on mental health issues, namely addic-tion, hoarding, anxiety, and depres-sion. 

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