Yellow Pad Sessions

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Yellow Pad Sessions is a nonprofit arts and culture organization that promotes artists and hosts events intended to create a forum for social discourse and reflection. We also provide professional mentoring and guidance to young professionals.

We are a young & creative non-profit organization

Our January Artist of the Month:

Sonia Reboul (she)

"Sometimes you just have to keep your eyes open and observe your surroundings. A sliver of quartz, a ray of light, a material that draws caresses, intriguing geometry or a soft sharp edge can be enough to erase our doubts.
My work is mainly about our relationship with the environment and awakening to the world, as it presents itself to us. It is an invitation to a reflective contemplation of what surrounds us. To take another look that is meant to be poetic and ambiguous and that can eventually trigger imperative reflections on ecology.
I explore textures and materials by dissecting natural as well as industrial materials. Rocks, wood, cellophane, bubble wrap, polymers, movements of air, water, and light are all elements whose boundaries I have fun blurring. The hideous becomes sublime; the organic imitates the plastic… and vice versa.
From this dialogue between opposites, I draw graphic lines and arrangements that respond to each other, intertwine and define another vision of the world that should urgently be adopted."

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