Yellow Pad Sessions is a curatorial non-profit organization that brings forth human issues through the arts. We are a collective of professionals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines who are passionate about transforming events into learning experiences and opportunities for social discourse.

Our Goals

Arts & Culture

Through the arts we create opportunities for societal discourse and reflection. Our aim is to bridge the gap between provocative artists and the public.

Social Activism

Our goal is to contribute to the well-being and enrichment of our community. We dive deep into social and humanitarian topics, aiming to provide a voice and empowerment.


Through the creation of events, we provide learning opportunities and guidance to young professionals who join our team. The skills they acquire are crucial to the next generation of social activists, artists and cultural workers.

The YPS Team

Grace Sebeh Byrne

Co-founder & Executive Director

Tess Buckley

Social Media Manager, WEBBED FEET Co-creator, Researcher

Monica Papini

Graphic & Web Designer

Danai Thompson

Stage Manager & Technical Consultant

Theresa Passerello

Ambassador, YPS Board Member, UNAFF TFF MTL Selection Committee

Patrick Byrne

Co-founder, Fundraising & Sponsorship

Rafa Aslan

WEBBED FEET Co-creator, Host, Researcher, Hospitality Coordinator, Editor

Paula Rueda

Director of Operations

Jacqueline Siffer

Writer & Content Producer

Jacques Daviault

Senior Creative Director, Ambassador, YPS Board Member, UNAFF TFF MTL Selection Committee

Max Holzberg

Animator & Researcher, Intern

Ciaran Dougherty

WEBBED FEET Co-creator, Designer, Researcher, Venue Manager Assistant

Siam Obregón

Animator & Researcher

Kennedy Randall

Ticketing & Registration

Josette Gauthier

Ambassador, YPS Board Member, UNAFF TFF MTL Selection Committee

Our Partners

We rely on the generosity of volunteers and partners, and we would like to thank all our supporters for helping us achieve our goals and supporting our missions. Thank you!