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Mission Statement

Webbed Feet is an alternative radio platform that explores the interconnectedness of a given city’s music scene in order to support local artists, venues, organizations, and their shared communities. It has been made possible due to the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

About the team

Produced by Yellow Pad Sessions, Webbed Feet is a project led by Rafa Aslan, a musician, composer, and sound designer; Ciaran Dougherty, a writer, creative director, and researcher; and Tess Buckley, a singer-songwriter, and content creator. Inspired by Montreal’s unique intersection of music, art, digital media, and technology, Webbed Feet integrates new technologies and forms of expression while continuing radio’s focus on local communities.  

Ciaran & Rafa

About the Show

Webbed Feet is comprised of two elements: a monthly radio show premiering on N10.AS and a website that visualizes the connections made on air. Each episode focuses on an upcoming musician, using them as a launching point to check out other artists in their community, such as collaborators, labelmates, and others that inspire and enable the interviewed artist. The audio integrates a mix of music and dialogue to guide the audience through the interviewee’s web of connections. Meanwhile, the website maps each connection point and provides photos, videos, and additional text for further audience engagement. This visual sphere is dynamic, evolving in tandem with the audio while also allowing for user interaction.

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